We started North Atlantic Dirt to fill a void and give a voice to an oft-neglected segment of mountain biking: the Northeast. Anyone who lives and rides here knows there are thousands of miles of phenomenal mountain bike trails, and yet these incredible rides go largely unreported and don’t receive any of the publicity they deserve.

While other sites cover a large geographic area, our focus is more targeted: we’re dedicated to the northeast corner of the United States specifically. While points west have a plethora of excellent riding opportunities, there are plenty of resources that do an excellent job of covering them.

We don’t do product reviews. We’re not here to provide tech tips, or how-to guides. We couldn’t care less about what wheel size is supposedly superior. Not to say we don’t geek out over that stuff, or that we don’t love the latest and greatest bike tech. It’s just that this site is committed to focusing on the passion and thrill of RIDING.

No one gets paid to run this site (you’ll also notice there are no ads on it) and nothing is sponsored. Our writers pay for their parts out of their own pockets with hard earned money from their day jobs.

Our contributors have plenty of east-coast pedigree, riding all across this challenging region and its rocky, rooty, technical trails. The fact that we live and ride here lends a high degree of authenticity to the words we put down on the page. We represent the average rider: we’re not monster huckers and we don’t hit 50 foot drops.

Not to say our writers aren’t talented: Paul races pro enduro and has appeared in a number of professional video shoots. Calvin took second place in the ultra-challenging 2014 Tour Divide. Sam has spent more time building trail than some people have riding it. Sean enjoys the occasional race, but spends most of his time traveling to ride new trail systems. Chris has touched rubber to dirt in 20 different states.

In other words, North Atlantic Dirt is for riders, by riders. We’re in it strictly for the PASSION.