Photo Epic: Eastern States Cup Plattekill Enduro


The fifth Eastern States Cup Enduro was held at Plattekill. The legendary resort has been a part of the Enduro schedule every single year and for good reason. The resort is located in the heart of New York’s Catskills Mountains and was one of the first bike parks to open on the East Coast. It has stayed true to its raw nature, preserving steep, natural single track and shying away from the advent of flow trails and jump lines.


As usual, the Plattekill Enduro was a blast. Being one of my favorite races of the year, it presented some of the most challenging terrain and well thought out race stages, courtesy of race organizers George Ulmer and Steve Battaglini.


Practice day greeted racers with perfectly dry trails and hot, humid weather. Riders have been lucky through the years to have perfect weather for every Enduro race held here.


Portable chainsaw – a necessity for a proper campfire.


This year would be a little different, though. Rain came down hard Saturday night and didn’t let off until late in the night.


Sunday morning greeted riders with damp ground and foggy skies.


Riders get ready for the first and longest transfer Stage of the day.


The long transfer to Stage 1 provided a great warm up.


Eventual second place finisher and a very consistent racer, Jay Memmelaar on the start of the first Stage.



Stage 1 had some of the only man made jumps on the whole course.


Stage 2 started out with a fast and open section of trail, before dropping racers through tight and steep turns at the bottom of the mountain.

Paul Dotsenko Plattekill 2016

Despite the rain, the terrain stayed surprisingly tacky. Plattekill handles moisture very well.



Nelson Maldonado on course, despite the broken ribs sustained just two weeks prior at the Killington Enduro.


Like father like son. Michael Maldonado is back at it after being sidelined by a broken wrist.

_JLD2082 _JLD2062

Stage 4 featured a never before raced chute that gave many racers troubles and sent plenty running down the hill with their bikes.


Kaylen Ballantyne handles the chute without issues.



One of the areas that felt the rain was the long rock armored section on Stage 4.


With every rider, the rocks got more and more slick and proved trickier as the day went on. _JLD1635_JLD1613_JLD1546

Jason Scheiding, 3rd place Pro was looking as fast as ever on the technical tracks.


Stage 5 was the longest stage, with some of the fastest sections and the most pedalling.

_JLD1050 _JLD0921 _JLD0853 _JLD0743

The end is in sight. Andrew Lints rounds the last wooded corner of Stage 5, down to the last sprint to the Finish.


Nelson Maldonado grills up a mean steak. The Eastern States Cup has one of the biggest rider communities I’ve ever been part of. Camping and cooking at the resorts is a huge part of the race experience.


Plattekill claims another victim.


Racers impatiently waiting for results.


Men’s Pro Podium: 1st Place – Leland O’Connor, 2nd Place – Jason Memmelaar, 3rd Place – Jason Scheiding, 4th Place – Saben Rossi, 5th Place – Andrew Lints.


Women’s Pro Podium: 1st Place – Lauren Petersen, 2nd Place – Mary Elges, 3rd Place – Kimberley Quinlan, 4th Place – Sarah Lynch, 5th Place – Clarissa Finks.


This weekend, the Eastern States Cup heads north to Attitash Resort, New Hampshire. Fast, technical trails and plenty of loam await racers.

For full results and more photos, check out ROOTSandRAIN.


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