Photo Epic: Windham ProGRT #5

We find ourselves here at Windham NY, on the former race track for the USA World Cup, for the 5th stop of the ProGRT national race series. With hard overnight rain that caused power outages, shredded tents, and slippery conditions, racers took to the track and gave it their best shot at victory. Many challenges, high speed sections, drops, chutes, rocks, and corners were ready to challenge the best of the best!


Casualties of fun. Jordan Daigle, having a little too much fun.


Madkatz Racing junior Ben Bodycoat.


Speed Legion’s Sean Suprenant dropping into the race course near the start.


Josh Tidman, off the rock drop. This feature was a little intimidating, it was slick, and the landing was a bit rough. A few alternate lines in this section had the racers guessing and experimenting with the best line choice. Most racers opted for straight down the center, Josh agrees.


Drew took the road less traveled and set up left, the landing there seemed a bit smoother, and also set you up a little better for the turn after.


Palmer Project pro Shane Leslie, dialing it in for race day.


Sram/TLD racing’s Walker Shaw, through this slick corner on his way to 12th place.


Riding for IJ Racing and Intense, Mauricio Estrada finishes 10th. His pace this season has been blistering fast.


Ben Bodycoat of Madkatz Racing on his way to 3rd place in Juniors. He has been on point and up to speed this season, making it onto the podium 6 out of 10 times this year. Hard work and training have really paid of for Bodycoat.


Adam Delonais flying down the waterfall at blazing speed.


Rafael Gutierrez looking very composed.


Lucas Cowan over the road gap. A high speed floater, I believe this was one of the funnest features on the course.


Eric Mcneil, heading down the final shoot.


Style for miles for Flatline Racing’s Josh Tidman.


Palmer Project racer Lucas Cowan getting sideways in the mud. Hard overnight rain left a lot of the track slick and muddy, this open area refused to dry up today.


Beercan Dan, Lost Parkrat, and Evan Kinzey heckling in the rock garden.


Danny’s Cycles racer Brendan Looby had an injury last year that kept him away from the race scene. He is back this season, and faster than ever. 19th today! Well done, glad to see you back on the bike again!


East coast local, Specialized 100% rider Jordan Newth, through the rock garden with flossy style.


Guerilla Gravity’s Graeme Pitts has one of the flashiest race kit I have ever seen. It makes for some great photos. Top 30 for Graeme.


Leland O’Connor, racing for Santa Cruz and e13, makes riding a bike look easy.


ESC North American DH team racer Drew Wegiel has been racing a few world cups this year, I am sure it helped prepare him to race on this former World Cup course. Drew ended up in a very respectable 7th place.


Michael Daniels has had a bit of bad luck this weekend. With a stolen bike over Saturday night and crash in the rock garden during Sunday’s practice, he still persevered and put in a solid run for top 20. Way to hang in there Mike! Hoping you get your Bronson back soon!


KHS Pro Logan Bingelli loves NY, and gaps. 6th on the day.


Demitri in flight. Racing for GT bikes, Demitri Trintafillou goes 4th today, slaying all those corners at top speed paid off!



Charlie Harrison seeded 1st in qualifying on Saturday. By his race time the sky opened up and the rain started falling, making the course conditions slick and unpredictable. Unfortunately a mistake on the waterfall kept him out of the top spot.


Logan Bingelli was blazing fast down this tricky rock drop. 6th today for Logan.


Drummer Racing pro Oliver Levick takes the alternate line up top.


Specialized Suntour junior Trent Del Grippo. 13th place.


John Hanson keeping up speed.


Josh Tidman braces for G out.


Pivot Cycles’ Quintin Kurtz.




Propain Dirt Zelvy racer Isak Leivsson had a solid day in the dirt, after qualifying 4th. He settled for fifth on race day.


Madkatz Racing pro Alex McAndrew has been getting faster by every race.


Trek Factory racer Charlie Harrison and number 1 qualifier.


Riding for IJ racing and Intense Cycles, Rafael Gutierrez from Colombia put together a super fast race run landing him in 3rd.


Riding for Giant CO-Factory and 100%, Jason Schroeder had a blazing fast run that got him in 2nd place today, just off the top spot.


Palmer Project’s Shane Leslie goes fastest! Shane was on fire today, taking his first National win here at Windham. He has been riding great all season, and I knew his time was coming. Very proud of you Shane, well done!!


Spoke Apparel pro Amy Leisher holds here line through the fast woods section. Amy’s run was good enough for 4th place.


Samantha Kingshill heading into 2nd place. Riding for College Cyclery, she is the youngest female Pro and the leader of the Pro GRT series by a substantial margin.


110% Patrol Racing pro Lauren Daney, on the pedals for a first place finish.


Sean Bell 1st, Davis Armen 2nd, Ben Bodycoat 3rd, Josh Henn 4th, David Kahn 5th.


Lauren Daney 1st, Samantha Kingshill 2nd, Frida Helena RØNNING 3rd, Amy Leisher 4th, Kristin Lenart 5th.


Shane Leslie 1st, Jason Schroeder 2nd, Rafael Gutierrez 3rd, Demitri Triantaffilou 4th, Isak Leivsson 5th.


Words and photos by Jason Scheiding.


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